Research Paper: A Career As A Veterinarian

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Choosing a career is a hard decision especially being so young. Many people choose what they want to be when they are younger. Finding a career can be hard because you never know what is right for others. Most people choose a career while being young then turn out to not achieve there goal.
There are approximately 79,600 people employed as a Veterinarian. Numerous establishments use the assistance of qualified animal trainers, including police stations, kennels zoos, pet stores, and other organizations that involve animals. The duties for being a Veterinarian are give food and water to animals, clean equipment, and the living spaces of animals, monitor animals and record details of their diet, physical condition and behavior. Also you have
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Department of Labor ). Employment for vet technicians are also expected to grow over the next five to ten years by about 15 to 20%. For veterinarians working full-time, they typically dedicate anywhere from forty to fifty hours each week and average a mean salary of $95,000 a year. Vets fresh out of school average a starting salary of $65,000, and can reach up to $200,000 per year with qualified experience and specialization. Those who work in the national economy that is not under direct government control the national economy that is not under direct government control the national economy that is not under direct government control, as opposed to the government or schools, tend to make higher wages, especially if they have ownership in the practice.Prospective veterinarians must have at least two years of undergraduate training at a college or university before applying for admission to a veterinary college Veterinarians, also called doctors of veterinary medicine, study, treat, and control animal injuries and diseases. Much of the research currently being conducted by veterinarians involves studying the relationship between animal and human disease and how animal diseases are transmitted to
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