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While The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa and holds a tiny population of about 2 million, its enchanting collection of attractions contradicts with its tiny size. The country is almost surrounded by Senegal except for the 80km coastline. A small coastline filled with white sand beaches and blue seas. Although there is much more to Gambia this is one reason you should visit this exquisite country.
I honestly cannot remember the first time I went to Gambia, but only that it has always been home. we recently went in 2015, saying that we enjoyed the trip is an understatement. We traveled by air to Senegal and stayed overnight at Dakar. The next morning, we woke up earlier and took a car drove for about 3 hours to Banjul the capital.
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Abuko is uncommon among African natural wild life reserves: it's small, it's anything but difficult to reach and you do not need to bother with a car to go in. With a variety of plants and animals, this reserve is one of the area's best bird watching location around 250 bird species have been recorded in Abuko. There are 5km pathways through the reserve, and a field station with sights over a watering hole that is regularly a decent place for wildlife viewing. The first time my family went to view Abuko we saw: porcupines, bush babies and ground squirrels as well as the endangered western red colobus monkeys and patas monkeys. The next sight we enjoyed in Gambia was the Kachikally crocodile pool. This is one of The Gambia's most popular tourist attractions. It is a very sacred site for local people in Gambia. In Gambia, the Crocodiles represent the fertility in woman so ladies who encounter challenges in conceiving a child frequently come here to PRAY and wash (any baby called Kachikally is said to be proof of the pools power. The pool and its nearby nature trail are home to many Nile crocodiles that you can watch lying on the bank. If you are not scared many of the crocodiles are calm enough to be touched (your guide will point you toward them). Try not to miss the small museum containing jujus (mystical special necklaces to shield you from hurt), drums and other social
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