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About Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia (GIA) is Indonesian national airline. On December 28, 1949, Garuda Indonesia officially operated and made the first flight by name Garuda Indonesian Airways. As the first and the oldest airline which is owned by Indonesian Government, Garuda Indonesia has been confessed and got a lot of appreciation from international. The name of "Garuda" on “Garuda Indonesia” is awarded by President Soekarno. “Garuda” is taken from the Dutch language that is written by poet and author also in thar time, Raden Mas Noto Soeroto. The lyric is, "Ik ben Garuda, Vishnoe's vogel, die zijn vleugels uitslaat hoog bovine uw einladen", which is meant, “I am Garuda, Vishnu bird that spreads the wings high above the archipelago.”…show more content…
Garuda is a bird which is exists in Hindu and Buddha myth. Perhaps, Garuda is transportation for Wisnu. As an airline that has slogan "The Airline of Indonesia", the name and symbol of Garuda in the Garuda Indonesia airline is appropriate and reflecting as an Indonesian’s identity. In order to develop the fleet, Human Resource and the company in the whole year in 1980-1990, Garuda Indonesia kept doing revitalization and restructuring in a large scale. Around the beginning of 2000, Garuda Indonesia continued the step to the company’s future development especially relates to customer service. Around that year, 2000, in developing the company, Garuda Indonesia had even got problems. In 2007, Garuda Indonesia and other few companies got forbid to flight to Europe for some reasons. But, these reasons had been over in 2009 after Garuda Indonesia got certification IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), a year before from IATA. It means that Garuda Indonesia proved that its flight had filled aviation safety and security standards which are equivalent with international airline that is become a member of IATA
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