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Do you know what ‘avant-garde black metal’ defines? What about ‘symphonic gothic metal’? With so many subgenres cropping up that dictates how a band should or should not sound like within heavy metal, one of the few genres that still retains its original implication is ‘power metal’. The clue is in the title- its music that is supposed to make you feel powerful and larger than life, uplifting music that unashamedly makes you swell up in pride, don your helm and ride into glory against all odds!

Sweden’s Sabaton belong to the power metal subgenre and in their near 17 year career, they’ve amassed a strong army of loyal fans with 8 albums to their name. Their latest conceptual album, “The Last Stand”, encapsulates everything about the subgenre they belong to. From the grandiose atmosphere and realistic lyricism that Sabaton create, they lead us to the barefaced supercilious façade that all power metal bands wear through a brief history of “famous last stands in warfare”.
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Each track on “The Last Stand” has its own personal punch but the marching riffs from ’Last Dying Breath’ and the turbulent ‘Rorke’s Drift’ announce that Sabaton are still using their strengths to their advantage.

However, Sabaton have drawn new battle tactics and enlisted a small array of other influences on this album since its predecessor, “Heroes”. Bombast and pomposity spew out from “The Last Stand” because glam is the most prominent weapon that they equip themselves with; but with it come both benefits and drawbacks. ‘The Last Battle’ is arguably the catchiest and most triumphant song on the album due to the simple, synchronised rhythms each musician plays. And yet, the simplicity of Hannes Van Dahl’s spacious drums and the unenergetic riffing makes ‘The Lost Battalion’ sound so
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