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A Vacation In Spain Spain is Europe’s Iberian Peninsula that has a lot of autonomous regions that have a diverse of geography and cultures. If you think about it Spain can offer tourist things to see and explore that will show them their history and heritage. When you go visit Spain it will make you feel like you are in a trance of ancient times when you see and learn about Spain and how it use to be. So here are some inspiring opinionated reasons on why Spain is a wonderful place to visit. Spain is the finest place to find some of the Roman ruins such as for example the Amphitheater, Temples,The Aqueducts, and The Museum of Roman History. The Roman ruins are a good start to learn and explore because it will help you understand why they are important in Spain’s history like for example The Aqueduct is in Segovia is the most greatest and important thing that gave the world the idea of having good plumbing and to access fresh water in the cities to the people. When checking out the Roman ruins you will also learn how they survived…show more content…
The Alhambra is located in Granda Spain and had begun in 889 when it was built to be fortress and palace but became abandonded and fell into disrepair but a few years after The Alhambra still had a little life in it which had ended up being rebuilt in the 13th century by a Moorish Emir named Muhammed ben Al-Amar who is the Emirate of Grandad. After it was rebuilt it had became abandoned again in the mid 1500s due to the inhabitant commissioned for the constructuon for a new palace.The Alhambra has so many history that will attract the toruist when visiting Spain because it shows you how great buildings can be built and rebuilt throughout the years and it will also show the different cultures and people who have lived and ruled in the lands of Spain and how it can change and can still remain the
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