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Strategies to Prevent Bullying One in five children between the ages of ten and eighteen, have been bullied both inside and outside of school. Government officials, and school administrators, are taking strides to prevent the act of bullying. Laws and anti-bully programs are being passed all over the United States to stop the bullying epidemic. There are bullies all over, torturing children for things such as appearance, sexual orientation, race, personality and much more. Due to these bullies, children and young adults chose to take their lives to end the pain they are receiving from others hurtful words and actions. The government and schools are attempting to do whatever they can to prevent bullying from getting worse. The government…show more content…
School administrators have put in tons of effort into making school assemblies and programs to raise awareness for bullying and to take care of the whole student body in their schools. A middle school in Hillsborough, Florida, experienced many situations with bullying. Most of which that were severe and harmful to the victim. Several boys were caught physically and verbally attacking a much younger student. In this middle school, the “Bully Busters” program was started to raise awareness of the severe case of bullying. The program launched a website to help both students and adults fully understand what bullying is. The “Bully Busters” made and distributed 5,000 posters, 10,000 bookmarks, and covered 50 benches in the area with information about their program (Brock). Staff in schools agree that children need to follow through with acts of kindness and show that they are well raised. Disciplinary actions are taken in schools when children behave in a way that might be harmful to other children in the classrooms. “Developed at the Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC) in Eugene, LIFT [Linking the Interests of Families and Teachers] teaches the children the social skills necessary for nonaggressive interaction. It targets all children not just those who are aggressive, and is unique in that it also involves both parents and teachers” (McCarthy). Some
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