Research Paper: Difficulties for Women in Afghanistan

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Difficulties for women in Afghanistan In Afghanistan, there are many differences in the lives of males and females. A child’s life is based around their gender, because gender is an important and prized aspect of a person’s life. Both boys and girls do not live luxurious lives, they are subject to disease, malnutrition and war in Afghanistan. However, while these are similarities among the genders, there are many more differences. Roles in economics, education and childhood are some of the many differences in boys and girls lives in Afghanistan. In this research paper, I will compare the lives of boys and girls in Afghanistan to illuminate the differences in gender in this society.
The first difference between males and females in
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The second difference between males and females in Afghanistan is education. For women, there is a lack of education, but men are required to attend school so they can fulfill their duties as a man and become the breadwinners of the household. In fact, “only 40% of Afghan girls attend school, and only one in 20 girls attend school beyond the sixth grade” (Life as an Afghan Woman). The main reasons girls are not able to attend school, or complete school is because they marry young, and once they are married they must take on the responsibilities as a wife and mother (Lindholm). If girls are allowed to attend school, they can only attend all girls’ schools, which are rare. However, if they do attend these all girls’ schools then they run the risk of being harassed while walking to and from school. Also, teacher have been killed for teaching at these all girls’ schools, as well as schools have been burned down and destroyed (Life as an Afghan Woman). There is a fight for women’s rights in Afghanistan that has been going on for some time, and one of the topics of this fight is women’s education rights. As of “2002, the number of girls attending school increased by over 30 percent; however, an estimated 1.5 million school-age girls are still not enrolled in classes (Life as an Afghan Woman). Women’s education is clearly improving, and more girls are receiving education now, more than ever. The third difference
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