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Research Paper Draft move Japan is home to a lot of ancient cultural artifacts and yet serves as an example of the developed world samurais, high-speed trains, home to some of the world’s largest tech companies, and may evision Tokyo as a bustling fast paced city. Japan’s population is declining, this isn’t unusual in a time where developed countries are relying on less children.What is overlooked when describing the now 3rd largest economy on Earth is how it went from surrendering during WWII to becoming an industrial superpower. There have been many changes but one have remained constant, which is the collective drive to work and excel. It has heavily influenced the Japan we know today. The decreasing population is an imminent…show more content…
The value of marriage is declining due to pressures related work and work ethic, a casualty of the declining urgency of marriage as a result of the dominating reach of the institution of work is the overall lack of complete satisfaction amongst Japanese workers both blue and white collared. The influencing factors that helped shape Japan’s modern work ethic can be found in the reactions of scholars and economists alike to the introduction of Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Westernization was something that was not yet completed at the time, however it was a strong influence towards the end of the 19th century. (Schwentker 76). Interpretations of Weber’s work brought up the prevalence of asceticism, there are differences in the concept of asceticism of Asian and Western countries such as the dis-engaging nature found in Buddhist monks in comparison to Christian/Catholic practitioners playing a more active role in society. However, the deprivation of worldly pleasures remained present in monks on both sides of the world. Forward to more recent times, scholars began examining the cultural distinctions that were responsible for

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