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The Unsatisfied American Dream As Florence King once said, “People are so busy dreaming the American Dream, fantasizing about what they could be or have a right to be, that they're all asleep at the switch. This quote symbolizes the simple fact that the American Dream is impossible for someone to ever attain because people are to busy dreaming about what others have, that they fail to recognize what they themselves already have attained. The American author F. Scott Fitzgerald has had an unprecedented impact on America. His novels contain recurring themes that establish the facets of modern American society with which he avidly disagrees. His characters Jay Gatsby and Armory Blaine both portray men in American society who have through …show more content…
The narrator, Nick mentions that everybody had seen Gatsby's car (Gatsby 63), pointing to the fact that Gatsby flaunted the vehicle and by association his wealth, and Tom flying in polo horses from another city would obviously be outrageously expensive. At several points throughout the novel, Gatsby proclaimed that he was "A Son of God" (Gatsby 125); so Gatsby constantly held himself at a higher prestige than the rest of his peers. Other characters, such as Myrtle, have a lust for money. Essentially being of the middle class, Myrtle's attraction to Tom is not one based on love and affection. Rather, Tom represents something that Myrtle has never had, endless wealth and with this, Myrtle correlates happiness (Bumm 23). The lust for and obtrusive use of money by the characters is an obvious central theme throughout the novel, but as the text draws to a close Fitzgerald emphasizes that money cannot govern human emotions (Expose of America). Gatsby's money fails to entice Daisy away from her husband, and the death of Myrtle is an event that cannot be erased by any amount of money. More then anything, the ending of the novel reinforces to the reader that money is a superficial desire and that, inevitably, it cannot be responsible for bringing happiness or the fulfillment of a dream.

The decay of the American Dream is most vividly presented through the immoral character of Jay Gatsby as the protagonist from The Great

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