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Research Paper Inclusive education means that all students in a school, regardless of their strengths or weaknesses in any area, become part of the school community. They are included in the feeling of belonging among other students, teachers, and support staff. The educational practice known as, full inclusion may have negative effects on the self-esteem of a special needs child. In 1975, Congress passed the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, also known as Public Law94-142. Before this law came into effect many children with disabilities were routinely excluded from public schools. Their options were to remain at home or be institutionalized. This law was an important landmark in education and because of this law,…show more content…
Integration presumes that “segregation” exists and students are with their peers without disabilities part-time. The CSIE did many studies and found that inclusion is more effective than either integration or mainstreaming. Ferguson’s (1992) project to achieve both social and learning outcomes for students in general education classrooms resulted in the finding that “integration doesn’t work, but inclusion does.” In 1997 President Clinton signed into law the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. This law aims to strengthen academic expectations and accountability for the millions of children with disabilities. This law makes it clear that schools have a duty to educate children with disabilities in general education classrooms. With this law in effect the CSIE began to really push the inclusion movement in schools. When inclusion was proposed, educators’ primary concern was how learning-disabled students would benefit academically. Academic concern is important; studies on the success of inclusion have determined that there are social issues that need more attention. A study on inclusion conducted by (B. Dixon) in New Hampshire found that Even when students were first included in regular classes, teams did not focus on the students peer relations unless parents pushed the issue or students
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