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Heroes Paper The world needs heroes, but what really is a hero? A hero is someone who shows remarkable perseverance and courage. Perseverance means that you never give up and courage is when you are not afraid to do something. A hero should also be hard working which means they always do their best and does it diligently. Anyone who shows any of these qualities is a hero. A true hero is a person that is hard working. Jackie Robinson is perfect for this. He was the 1st African American to play major league baseball in history. His road to success was not so easy though. He was mistreated by all of the other white players in the league because they didn’t like him. Jackie Robinson was constantly getting big cuts on his legs because…show more content…
She became known throughout the south as Moses. Harriet Tubman’s perseverance helped bring over 1000 slaves out of slavery and shows each and every one of us today that if you strive to do the right thing, then good things will happen. One of the most important qualities of a hero is responsibility. My mom would be a prime of example of this quality. She mom is the epitome of responsibility. My mom had me when she was young and even though she was young, she always took good care of me. She always got me food to eat and a place to lay my head. She has always been there for me when I needed her. My mom works around the house and keeps everything running smoothly. Instead of sitting around all day at home, she does work to make the house look nice. She washes dishes, vacuums, and cleans all of the rooms. If our house did not have my mom we would be in complete chaos. My mom always says, “If you show that you are responsible then you will be well respected.” One big way that my mom shows that she is responsible is that she makes dinner for the whole family. She does this every single night and it is always a good dish. My mom shows that if you are responsible, people will think highly of you. We can all think of a hero as wearing tights and saving civilians in a city, but the examples of these people show what a real hero is. A real hero is hardworking, shows remarkable perseverance, and
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