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Burak Anıl Bulut
Comm 102, Sec 2
Research Paper, Final Draft
May 25, 2010
Psychology of “Killing Machines”: Regret Do “killing machines” of wars care about the lives of people? Do they regret that they kill countless of people in those cataclysms? If these machines are made of bones and flesh, yes they do. Although they are given to be “killing machines” during wars, many of them are not pleased for what they have done in battlefield, but they continue what they are doing even if their hearts scream to them, and this is not that easy to be ignored. They need to create or to be taught some methods to ignore this. The teacher of this ignorance is generally military. With these methods, they continue killing with all they have.
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Therefore, they should be forced to fight to protect their own lives, but to be able to do that, they need to separate “the act of killing” and “the act of murder” from each other during the wars to justify what they are doing. However, after the wars are ended, and they find the private time to think about their pasts, especially their roles in battlefield, they realize what they have done during the war. As Holbrook tells his own experience, “I fought in Vietnam and helped kill dozens of people. A third of the century later, I am still haunted by that experience” (1). Its reason is that they develop empathy with the people they fought in battlefield, and understand the situations that dead people’s families at the opposite side are in, and this makes their psychology to become traumatic which is caused by regret. In the story “The Things They Carried”, Tim O’Brien shows the changes which occur on the soldiers in a different perspective. In story, the main character, First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, is a soldier in Vietnam War with his troop. Although he is the First Lieutenant, he is very different from others in his thoughts and the reactions. This situation is seen in the scene after Ted Lavender is shot in his head under Jimmy Cross’ command. In this scene, other soldiers make fun of Lavender by saying “zapped while zipping” (1000) and so on although Cross is lost his thoughts. Since Lavender dies under the command of Cross

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