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Chynna Ellenburg
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January 10, 2015
Illegal Immigration In the United States, there are over 40 million immigrants, both legal and unauthorized (Auclair, Batalova, Nwosu 1). Of that 40 million, an estimated 11 million immigrants are not authorized to be in the country (Krogsadt, Passel 1). In recent news, there has been quite the debate over whether or not there should be amnesty or citizenship offered to some or all of the undocumented citizens in America. I have a personal attachment to the subject. I believe there should be a clear and easy pathway to citizenship for immigrants with some restrictions. I support this idea because they provide for older generations, younger generations, and fill jobs
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I have seen him work so hard to support himself, my cousins, and to send money back to his family in Mexico.
How many men do you know that would step up to be a parent to a child they did not have to care about? Within my family that seems to be a common theme. My grandfather was not my aunt and uncles’ biological father, but he raised them. I have a step brother and step sister. Their father raised me. Juan is raising Brittney’s son with Lisa. Not only have I seen how younger generations will be impacted positively by some of the actions of these undocumented people, I have seen how their work will benefit younger people with their contributions to the economy and government. In the article mentioned above, Gross also says that undocumented workers have contributed about $300 billion to the Social Security trust fund of $2.7 trillion dollars (Davidson 1). This trust fund, according to the Social Security Administration and the information they have on the website about the trust fund, is split into two separate funds. One of them, the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) fund, provides benefits for retired people and families of the deceased (1). If undocumented citizens are taking from our children’s futures, then why would they put so much into something to help families of people who have passed away?
Lisa has a younger brother as well. For this paper, we will call him George. George has always been kind of a troublemaker. Juan would

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