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Xavier University | School of Nursing Master of Science in Nursing | Clinical Nurse Leader Marketing Plan Prepared By | Shannon Cliff, Nick D’Urso, Katie Hamann Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Situational Analysis 5 Analysis of Internal Environment 5 Analysis of Customer Environment 10 Analysis of External Environment 18 SWOT Analysis 28 Strengths 28 Weaknesses 31 Opportunities 33 Threats 37 Marketing Goals and Objectives 39 Goal 39 Objective #1 39 Objective #2 40 Objective #3 41 Marketing Strategy and Tactics 42 Marketing Controls 44 Formal Marketing Controls 44 Informal Marketing Controls 48 Appendix 50 Executive Summary With the aid of a federal grant, Xavier University’s…show more content…
The goal is to increase the number of registered nurses with advanced degrees working in rural areas in Ohio. Each site is encouraged to have at least five interested nurses in order to establish a partnership with a hospital. Xavier wants to add new registered nursing students to their MSN CNL program while maintaining their current enrollment. With the current trend, the MSN CNL has not seen many registered nurses enrolling in this program, so Xavier is looking to develop a better recruitment process in order to obtain new students. This program is to be placed in seven facilities in rural areas of Ohio. At this time, there has not been any consistency with new registrations. Out of the sixteen registered students for the fall 2009 semester, Fairfield Medical Center (FMC), only had five new students enroll. There were 3 new students enrolled at Brown County Regional Hospital (BCRH) and zero at Wesleyan Senior Living (WSL). During the fall 2010 semester two new students at FMC, BCRH, and Lost Creek Care Center (LCCC) registered. A total of nine new students registered at Joint Township District Memorial Hospital (JTDMH), and zero were registered at WSL. Xavier’s goal is to have at least twenty new students register for each new term. Recruitment has been offering information sessions about the

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