Research Paper On Abraham Lincoln

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Lincoln is the epitome and walking illustration of what qualities a leader should hold, and execute in any position of life. These qualities should be adopted by everyone, especially those of us in AVID. Leadership is the building blocks of a great education, career, nay an amazing life. Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States, and so he had knowledge of the presidency, but not instructions on how to bring a nation split into two, one. However, he trusted his intuition and created, brick by brick the foundations of a great leader. Abraham Lincoln can be attributed as the one of the greatest political leaders of the world, and can easily be supported via his works that are drenched in vision, while his kindness and courageous…show more content…
Abraham Lincoln, was so iconic when it came to being truthful and honest, that “people called Abraham Lincoln ‘Honest Abe” because he was so honest” (Banks). His integrity triumphed over everything and was clearly seen by all those in the country, so much so that “people recognized his integrity and were soon asking him to act as judge or mediator in various contests, fights, and arguments” (Leidner). Abraham Lincoln “gained commitment and respect...because he was willing to take time out from his busy schedule to hear what his people had to say” (Phillips). Lincoln knew the way to aspire and strive towards a strong presidential status, was to through the use of personal connection and emotional appeal. Thankfully, Lincoln had the starting foundation of already being labeled as such, making his road towards influential leader, exponentially easier. Within AVID, we must keep this in mind while heading towards the path of becoming college ready, rather than being only constantly stressed over grades. By being kind and friendly towards others, and showing that we are integral people, we gain valuable connections. These connections have the potential to completely change our lives for the better. The social network could be made up of fellow students who could help us out in a time of need, or even teachers who will help us through college applications and writing letters of recommendations which are vital in our upcoming year. We need to be like Abraham Lincoln, by creating a lingering aura wherever we go, that consists of honesty and
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