Research Paper On Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

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Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination Just image oneself spending a nice evening at the theater, laughing with friends and then shots erupt and screams breakout, well that’s exactly what happened when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. No warning, not even a hint of what was to come of Lincoln, if only he had known maybe things would be different and maybe the world would have ended up in a different place. In the article, Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination it states that there had been a group of 7 that were conspiring to kidnap the President, led by John Wilkes Booth, but that plan never worked out like Booth planned. March 20th 1865 which was the day the kidnapping was supposed to happen but Lincoln never did show up to the spot that Booth and…show more content…
Soldiers then moved Lincoln to a house that had been across from the theatre and positioned him on a bed as they waited of the surgeon general. Upon his arrival he discovered that the shot to the head was fatal and that it was only a matter of time until the President would pass. Vice President Andrew Johnson, members of Lincoln’s cabinet and several of the presidents closets friends stood by his bed until the doctor pronounced Lincoln dead at 7:22am. Robert, the eldest son, was at his mother’s side in an adjoining room for it was just too shocking for Mary, the first lady, to handle. Abraham Lincoln was placed into a temporary coffin that was draped with a flag and was transported to the White House where a thorough autopsy was conducted. As the country began to hear about the death of the President, flags then flew at half-mast, many people closed businesses for the day, and those who had cheered about the end of the war now revolved from the assassination of…show more content…
One man killed the President because he believed that it would throw the government into a panic but did he not think about the outcome for himself? I chose this article because I have always been curious of the story of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. In a way I felt like it was a murder mystery because I didn’t know all of the details to the story and those are my favorite. As I began to read more into the assassination, I began to love it even more and wanted to learn more about it and I actually had an interest in history which I have never had before.
I did learn the true story behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. I have heard stories but I wanted to know all of it, like the reasons behind it and the aftermath. Another thing is that I learned that they were not advanced in medicine, especially not enough to save the president. I did learn that Booth had originally planned to kidnap Lincoln which I was unaware of and that Booth would not have assassinated Lincoln if his kidnapping plan would of went right. This article also makes me learn that maybe if I go see a play to just settle for one of the normal seats at the
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