Research Paper On Abrahamic Religions

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The Abrahamic religions refer to the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all of which claim the prophet Abraham as their forefather. These religions account for more than half of the world's total population today. All Abrahamic religions claim to worship only one god and that God is their creator, ruler and judge. Christianity has a fundamental belief that follows the Trinity doctrine and this contradicts the Jewish, Islamic and other monotheistic religions.

Judaism believes that there is only one God named Yahweh who was creator of all. The Masoretic Text is foundation of all the various sects of the Hebrew religion.

Eventually Judaism evolved into the Christian Church with different beliefs and religious practices. With Jesus Christ as their central figure who is recognized by almost all of the Christian denominations to be part of the Trinity of God. The New Testament is the ultimate authority along with the traditions of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox churches. Over time Christianity has evolved into the Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant religions as well as their own various
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The Torah, Old Testament, New Testament and Quran are their religious texts which have written in them some of the same people, events and locations but with a different interpretation of the message. Those religions that have beliefs that share the same opinion of these origins and similarities are more agreeable and sympathetic with the other Abrahamic religions. All of theses religions believe that it was God that created the universe, ruled history and sent them prophets to reveal him to them and gave them scriptures for them to follow. By following these scriptures and his laws they will be able to tell apart that which is good and evil in order to be obedient to their God who eventually will pass judgment on
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