Research Paper On Absenteeism

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Abstract. The most parsimonious definition of absenteeism is the failure to report to work (Robbins, 2003). In general, absenteeism is a tendency to be away from work or school without a good reason. Absence nowadays cannot be differentiated from the person who was called a student. This phenomena, it is comfortable to see even likened it has become a necessity in the nature of students. It is not surprising if this habit continues to fall proceeds among school students as examples of primary, secondary and even at university level, the problem still remains. Other than that, in the working sector also facing the absenteeism problems which the employees tend to cut their work without a serious cause.
Keywords: Absenteeism, gender, Decision science, Statistic industry, Business mathematic, students.
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In many universities, student absenteeism is an acknowledged problem. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) at Sintok, Kedah also facing the similar problem where the absence of student in class getting serious. Some of the student attend a class a few times in a week, some of them only attend to the class based on the topic that they wish. These situation actually should not be going on. As a student they should know how to differentiate between the pros and cons of not attending to the class. In addition, the bad attitudes will influence the CGPA of the student academic. According to (Schmidt,1983), absenteeism affects the students’ ability to get high scores in examinations which can cause the decreasing of grades or the student may fail and will cause him or her to repeat the same year level. On the other hand, students who have spent time attending lectures or classes have a meaning, positive effect on students’
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