Research Paper On Achilles

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The tale of Achilles is one that is full of bravery and heroics. He is a hero who fights for and is ruled over by no one but himself. All he knows of is war and this is his normal world. Achilles fights so that his name will be remembered and last throughout all the ages. A realization is made that he will eventually die, but his name does not have to. This is Achilles’ call to go and fight against the Trojans, so that his name shall carry on and be remembered. This great war that Achilles fights in was caused by an unfaithful wife by the name of Helen. Achilles transforms from a ruthless, merciless, unloving warrior driven by the notion of having his name remembered to a compassionate warrior who is driven by the love of a woman. Achilles yearns for his name to never be forgotten, and this motivates him to take the beach of Troy with only the help of his small group…show more content…
A hollow horse is made with Greek soldiers inside in order to breach Troy’s walls. Achilles is one of the many soldiers inside. The soldiers come out of the horse in the middle of the night and they all start slaughtering Trojans and burning Troy, all except Achilles. He is more concerned with finding Bresius and protecting her. This marks the time when Achilles is driven by love. He is later shot by Paris and suffers an unhealable wound. As he is dying; Achilles is more concerned with comforting Bresius than worrying about himself. This great love for her allows him to find peace in his final moments. This portrayal of Achilles is one which shows two distinct different parts of his life. He transforms from a ruthless, merciless warrior who cares only that his name be remembered to someone who lives for a greater purpose, for love. A warrior now able to yield and show great amounts of compassion. Achilles truly found himself during his final days and moments. He finally found
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