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Afterlife Essay Egyptians believed that after you had past on there was a happier place called a Afterlife, an afterlife was an ideal world where all people are young and healthy. They had also believed that there was a ka or also known as a person's life force. When this person dies, his or hers ka had left the body and has become a spirit. However, it had all of the same needs that this person had when they were living. It needed to eat, sleep and things that entertain you. well if i had a choice to bring three things it would be my loved ones, a Soccer ball and then also sustenance. I would bring my loved ones meaning my family and friends because i would miss them very much and i would also get bored without anyone and so i would bring them for entertainment.…show more content…
The last thing i would bring is a soccer ball considering that i love to play soccer so i would kick the ball around and do some tricks with it. In conclusion the afterlife was very important to the egyptians because the ka of your body is important as well as your afterlife. The ka
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