Research Paper On Aging Adults

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Aging adults have different dental needs than younger patients. Health conditions, medications and changes that naturally occur in the mouth due to aging require individualized care that caters to a senior's unique needs. While many seniors believe that losing their teeth is a natural part of aging, this is a common misconception. With proper care, aging adults can enjoy good oral health while keeping their teeth throughout their life.

Healthy Teeth = Better Overall Health

Several studies have confirmed that patients with poor oral health are more likely to experience heart disease. Researchers believe that inflammation, which occurs with gum disease, can cause the arteries to become hardened, decreasing the blood flow to the heart and increasing
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Seniors with low saliva production may consider chewing gum or talking with their doctor about switching medications. Visiting the dentist for a thorough exam every six months can help to prevent small dental problems from escalating by diagnosing them early. Tap water is fortified with fluoride that can help aging adults keep their teeth strong; encouraging older adults to drink plenty of water from the tap can help with oral care in-between dental exams.

Aging Adults with Disabilities or Diseases Need Help with Oral Care

Patients that have limited use of their hands or who suffer from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and a variety of other diseases need help with their oral care. Brushing and flossing takes a certain amount of dexterity that seniors with disabilities may not have. Aging adults with Alzheimer's may forget to take care of their teeth, while seniors with Parkinson's disease may have difficulty in holding the toothbrush steady. These seniors need a family member, friend or caregiver to help care for their oral health in order for them to stay healthy.

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