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Amelia Earhart
The United States in the 1920s was marked by a rapid change in the economy and in society. The roles and depiction of African Americans and women were rapidly changing which provided African Americans with the chance to demonstrate their culture in a way that had not been depicted before. This movement, known as the Harlem Renaissance, also helped paved the way for a women’s revolution. At the beginning of the decade, women were granted suffrage and throughout the rest of the decade, women were seen abandoning traditional gender roles. Many cut their hair into bobs, wore what was considered to be revealing clothing, and danced in ways that were considered promiscuous. However, not all women sought out to break the mold in this manner. Amelia Earhart was a woman who sought the advancement of women through her passions which was aviations. (Amelia Earhart).
Amelia Mary Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 to Amelia Harres Otis and Samuel Stanton “Edwin” Earhart (Childhood Story of Amelia Earhart) and grew up with her little sister Grace Muriel Earhart, who was born two years after Amelia (Pflueger 13) . According to Pflueger, when she turned three, Earhart began to live with her grandparents, Maria Harres and Alfred Otis, to provide them with company during the winter months, although a few sources claim that she lived with them during the summer months. Her living situation and her father’s alcohol addiction interfered with their relationship. Samuel Earhart’s

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