Research Paper On American Express

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As we all know management level is most important element in a big company which is operating company and make directional decision. One of the company including Chairman, Chief Finance Officer and Chief Executive Officer, these three positions are most important ingredient in industry association. This research paper is to analysis and introduce Kenneth Chenault who is American Express’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. As a CEO and Chairman, he has to formulate business strategy, create company culture, report regular annual report to Board of Directors, host convention and so on. Follow these job description, as we can see a lot of work that CEO need to do. Continue to table of content, we will provide short biography of Kenneth Chenault and analysis which interpersonal roles he is. And this research paper will analysis and appraisal of informational competencies, research Kenneth comprehensive ability and conclusion. Short biography Kenneth Chenault was born in New York, USA and he graduated Bowdoin College,BA and Harvard University Law School, JD. For his career, he was doing lawyer when he finished Harvard University Law School. After two years, he moved to American Express. Because American Express create new group that…show more content…
American Express is famous for their credit card, debt card and travel check. In 2016, American Express’s credit card occupy 22.9% in USA’s credit card total amount of the transaction. And until end of the 2016, the company issue one hundred and ten million. And the 25th most valuable brand in the world. In summary,2017 company’s first-quarter net income of $1.2 billion, it is decrease with 2016 first-quarter. However, 2017 company’s loss net also decrease than 2016. And American Express enhance service to millennial generation, they think millennial generation is the main consumer group and it will benefit increase net income of the
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