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Rice Vampires

“To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself” (Anne Rice). Anne Rice is a very famous author who has inspired many people and changed the image of vampires. Anne Rice has sold over a million copies of her famous vampire books, while overcoming many obstacles such as the death of her child and husband, and she changed the way people view vampires in literature. Anne Rice has written many vampire books, including The Vampire Chronicles and she has inspired many different kinds of readers (“Anne Rice Wikipedia,” 2017). She has also written the New Tales of a vampire series, which is about a fledgling vampire, David Talbot, who finds out the history of Pandora, a two-thousand-year-old vampire, and in fifteenth-century
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Her mother put her in an academy that she hated. She persisted with school, even though she didn’t like it, she graduated and went to college. Later, her daughter died of adult leukemia. This led Anne and her husband, Stan Rice, to become alcoholics. She also developed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, thinking that everything she touched became contaminated. Because of that, she started holding herself responsible for her child’s death (“Anne Rice Famous Authors,”2017). She then had another child in 1978, Christopher Rice, which led to her and her husband to quit drinking. Later, her husband died from brain cancer when Christopher was 22 (“Anne Rice Famous Authors,”2017). Anne Rice has changed the way people visualize vampires throughout history. She has impacted the genre of vampires more than any person. The only person that might have done more is Bram Stoker who created Dracula. But Anne has made re-animated corpses into beautiful aristocrats, who look human except their fangs and remained evil. The vampires she has written about are recurring into more and more literature. Her vampires were loved so much that there are movies created about
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