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Antigua is a beautiful country with amazing beaches to have fun on. Antigua is located on the continent of North America and is near the Barbados, Saint Lucia, Dominica, and many other islands. “On Antigua, life is a beach, it may seem like a cliche but improbably shaped splotch is ringed with beaches and the finest white sand” ( ). There are a lot of cool things to learn about Antigua, for instance, their geography, climate, government, economy, culture, and interesting facts. Antigua is a beautiful but small country. It is 108 square miles. It is flat, the highest point is Mount Obama at 1,330 feet. Antigua doesn’t have any rivers and few springs. On the North and East side of Antigua is the Atlantic Ocean and on the South and West side is the Caribbean sea. In conclusion, Antigua is a small country with no rivers and few springs, but has the Atlantic and Caribbean sea surrounding it. The climate in Antigua…show more content…
The people in Antigua speak English. Some of the art forms in Antigua are theatre, calypso, steel band, and poetry. The main religion is Christianity. Some of the sports that are played in Antigua are football ( soccer ), cricket, track, and field. To sum up, Antigua has an amazing culture with many activities. There are a lot of interesting facts about Antigua. For instance, there is an annual festival that is held between the end of July through the first Tuesday of August. Also they became British Colony in 1667. Another this is they gained full independence in 1981. Lastly, even though there's not many people in Antigua, some of the best cricketers are from there. To sum up, there are many interesting facts about Antigua and these are just a few. Antigua is a small but beautiful country with the Atlantic and Caribbean sea surrounding it. Antigua is a place you would want to learn about. In conclusion, Antigua is a beautiful country with great weather and is an amazing to place to
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