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Ever since I was very little I have wanted to become a Bronco. But I never really understood the true meaning of becoming a Bronco. That is something I am still yet learning and trying to become. The mission statement at Blackfoot high school is to prepare students for the future by enabling every student to gain knowledge and skills, to develop confidence, to value life-long learning, and to become responsible contributing members of our changing world.(Student Handbook). A quote at BHS is "The Higher You Climb, the Better the View!" I totally agree with this quote because the harder you work and exceed it will not only be better for you, it will feel better. I believe that putting your in on everything you do can have a major impact in your…show more content…
That can relate to students at the high school because of course we aren’t perfect. But we aren’t supposed to be no one is perfect. We are all imperfectly imperfect. We strive to be the best we can be and that is all that matters. At the end of the day we shouldn’t be looking at our flaws and how imperfect we are we should look and think about all the things we have done right.
A Bronco also knows when to have fun and when to work hard. At Blackfoot high school we know how to have fun but also how to do well in school and work hard. We know how to balance the two out, which can be challenging at times but is definitely worth it in the long run. Learning how to balance the two out is something that can help you even after high school. Just in your daily life balance is key to living a great life. In comparison to a horse Blackfoot is very strong. Without a horse's strong individual muscles it wouldn’t be as strong. Just like at BHS without each and everyone of the students at Blackfoot we wouldn’t be as strong as a whole. Individually we are still yet all very strong but all together we can be even better and stronger. Which is something we learn at BHS. That together we can do extraordinary things. Just that simple thing makes our school stand out more compared to other

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