Research Paper On Becoming A Fashion Merchandiser

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Every single day there is a Fashion Merchandiser, working their life away to help keep us everyday people trendy, as well as working to put the latest styles into retail stores. However, fashion merchandisers don't get enough credit for all the things they do, and in reality not many people realize what Fashion Merchandizers have to go through to purse this career, So how does one become a fashion Merchandizer you say? Let me explain the step by step process of becoming a fashion Merchandiser. Let me begin by saying becoming a fashion merchandiser is not a easy thing to just up and do it takes a lot of hard work and determination. The first step in becoming a fashion merchandiser is deciding what route you want to pursue it. You can pursue it in one of two ways, attending college or by working a retail store and working your way up to have the ability to reach fashion merchandising material. If one chooses to attend college he or she has to attend four to five years to reach a bachelors degree in this specific major. In this processes you will start out with taking your general education courses. General education course are classes such as English 101, English 103, Math 121, Math 122, BIO 103 and so on. Once you have finished these courses you will start to actually learn the business part of things. The classes your start getting into will be classes such as; Intro to business, communications, and professional sales. These classes are very important because they help on

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