Research Paper On Billy Bill

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Lalan is a famous talkshow host. One day she invited an actor to her show. His name is Billy Bill. Billy suffers from a deep fear of elbow - or ichicascadiggaphobia. So Lalan interviewed him about his crippling fear of elbow. It is revealed that Billy's fear started from his older sister, who always bully him with her sharp elbows everytime she sees him. He never saw her again since he was 18. Lalan later show him how to confront his fear using "Exposure Therapy". That is a baby step to overcome Billy's fear. In the project, I play the actor Billy Bill, who is a famous, success actor, but have a weird phobia called ichicascadiggaphobia - or fear of elbow. Everyone in my group contributed when we were making the script. Each person create their
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