Research Paper On Biometrics

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SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT Biometrics is a form of human identification that is used as an advanced security measure. Biometrics uses distinctive personal traits to uniquely identify humans and eliminates the need for traditional methods of identification such as the use of personal identification numbers or passwords. In technical terms, biometrics is the automated technique of measuring a physical characteristic or personal trait of an individual and comparing that characteristic or trait to a database for purposes of recognizing that individual. (WOODWARD, 2005) Biometrics uses physical characteristics, defined as the things we are, and personal traits, defined as the things we do, including the following. 1) Physical characteristics: • Chemical composition of body odor; • Facial features and thermal emissions; • Features of the eye—retina and iris; • Fingerprints; • hand geometry; • Skin pores; • Wrist/hand veins. 2) Personal traits: • Handwritten signature; • Keystrokes or typing; • Voiceprint The adaptation of biometrics in our societies serves to…show more content…
However, more recently, the benefits of using biometrics to improve security, convenience, and inclusion in society—more efficiently and at reduced cost—are being widely recognized. Today, biometric solutions are being used by the general public in areas such as: • Border control and immigration (ePassports, border control gates, residence, visa or asylum permits) • Civil ID (identity cards, health insurance, social benefits schemes, voting rights) • Banking (Automated Teller Machines, private banking services, mobile banking) • Shopping (customer personalization, VIP/loyalty enablement, segmentation) • Policing and security (investigations, custody, watchlisting, surveillance) • Travel and transportation (automation, frequent flyer recognition) (Accenture,
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