Research Paper On Cab Guard

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If “heavy truck cab guard” is searched on Google, more than 1.5 million results appear. And at least on the first page, none of those results will tell you that many of them—if not most—do not work, although a majority of trucks on the road use the devices. What does it look like when a cab guard, which as its name suggests, is intended to protect the truck cabin during a crash, fails to do so? It results in severe injury and often death. This was the scenario in a case filed on behalf of Larry Albritton’s family. He was killed Oct. 7, 2013, when he lost control of his log truck and crashed. When the load of logs shifted in the crash, they breached the truck’s cab and struck Mr. Albritton, resulting in his death. Few people know the aluminum guards are often too weak to save a driver’s life. Thousands of log trucks use cab guards that are worthless for protection. The guards attach to the backs of 18-wheelers pulling flat beds, trailers and log trailers and should function to prevent shifting cargo from hitting the cab of large trucks. However, as I discovered, that’s not the reality. Many are not strong enough to withstand the movement of even one log on a log truck, much less the scores that are usually placed on them.…show more content…
For instance, one brand of cab guard available for purchase through the “heavy truck cab guard” Google search states, “All Cab Racks are tested to uniform static resistance.” In technical terms, it is saying its ability to protect a driver was tested while the truck was not moving. No wreck is static; one log could cause a failure. Cab guard manufacturers’ shortcuts continue to prove costly for consumers who believe they are
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