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Career and College Research Paper
My career goal in life is to become a sports coach. Coaching is teaching a sport you know a lot about either from experience or something you have studied for a while. I chose this career because I am very zealous about sports. I watch and discuss them every chance I can. Every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday I watch football, basketball, tennis, hockey, golf, soccer, etc. I do this to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making this lucid decision.
The career I chose can be offered anywhere in the world because sports are played everywhere. I could coach at high schools, universities,
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In order for me to go to this university I need 4 units of English, 3 units of math, 3 units of computers/foreign language, 2 units of history, 2 units lab and science, and 1 unit of citizenship skills. “OSU-OKC isn't very big in size but is still a part of Oklahoma State University(OSU) in Stillwater, OK.” (Hudson-Throckmorton) This college is located on the southwest side of OKC. The requirements for tuition are to score a 19 on the American College Testing(ACT), pay the fees, and of course have good grades. The major I want is sports management. I would have to take my normal required classes like in high school. It will take me 2-4 years to become a coach as long as I stay focused.
As a junior I need an ACT score of 19, but as a senior I need a 20 on the ACT. My Grade Point Average(GPA) needs to be a 3.0 as a senior, and 3.5 as a junior to get accepted into this college. Some activities that would help me get to college would be community service, concurrent classes, clubs/organizations,
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I also need to study every night before test to get the grades, talk to the teachers about the clubs to join, and especially talk to the college/ university I decide on. The personal goals I’ve set for myself are very simple. I want to be the first Duncan to graduate in my family, get a good job, and go to college and graduate to earn my degree. I need to focus only on school, home life, and family in order for me to reach these goals, because I will need the support, the knowledge, and skills for
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