Research Paper On Carpentry

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Making sure a building is built right and safe is just part of the job for a carpenter. Job openings are located all over the United States for carpenters. Without them many buildings would not be where they are today. Carpentry has developed over the years and now there is a great need for them because of the world’s rapid growth. Carpentry has been around since the beginning of time. People have used many different techniques. Carpentry has evolved and now has become very useful in are daily life. Buildings, long ago, where first made of mud brick. Some also used adobe brick and fired brick. In Grease they first used hydraulic lime. The Chinese used brick to make the well-known Great Wall of China. During the Renaissance they used lumber…show more content…
All there is to it is to graduate high school and receive a diploma. To be an architect there is more you have to do than just receive a diploma unless it is for small sheds or barns. For houses usually require two years of college. The longer time you spend in collage the better job you will find. With that you will be making quite a bit more money. An average carpenter makes $40,500 per year (Carpenter Course and Educationand Training Requierments, n.d.). An architect makes a lot more than that. They make on average $73,340 per year; that was in 2011 (Building a careerin Architecture, n.d.). If added together that is $113,840 per year. That is pretty good wages. The problem with that is an architect’s money is mostly from selling his designs that they make. So a carpentry engineer can make anywhere from $44,000 a year to 99,000 per year (Building Engineer, 2015). Usually a typical day of a carpenter consists of building the design. An architect it consist of making sure the building is safe. On a daily bases architects discuss budget and requirements, draw plans, and make necessary changes (Building a careerin Architecture, n.d.). The skills needed for both an architect and carpenter is good math skills and also knowing how to work with fractions. An architect needs a least a college degree, the longer you go to collage the better job you will find (Building a Career in Architecture). A carpenter needs to have good coordination and balance for standing a roof or a ladder (Carpenter Job Description,
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