Research Paper On Cat Scratch Disease

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What is cat scratch disease? By Jonas Wilson, Ing. Med. Cat scratch disease (CSD), also known as subacute regional lymphadenitis or cat scratch fever, is a common bacterial infection caused by Bartonella henselae. As one may deduce, infected cats are disease vectors and transmit the bacteria, which is found in their saliva via bites or scratches. It is estimated that up to 50 percent of cats may be carriers of the microorganism responsible for CSD and these cats may show no signs of infection. Occasionally, fleas, which are responsible for spreading the infection from one cat to another may also transmit the disease to people. In addition to fleas, bites from infected ticks may also lead to disease transmission. Disease history The first description of CSD may have been as early as 1889 by Henri Parinaud, who observed enlargement of the preauricular lymph nodes with conjunctivitis. However, he did not make any association of his findings with cats and the clinical oculoglandular syndrome was only seen to be present in a small number of patients with CSD. In 1931 doctors Debre and Semelaigne, observered a young boy with cat scratches and a suppurating adenitis who tested negative for tuberculosis. This finding led them to search for a possible link to a feline transmitted disease. While they were unable to find a link bacteriologically, they observed several more similar…show more content…
In their report, they were able to describe a broad spectrum of the clinical manifestations of the disease, which led to further investigations into CSD. The microorganism implicated in CSD was first successfully isolated and cultured in 1988. Ultimately, the discovery of the etiologic agent for CSD and its classification was considered a great success of contemporary microbiology. This allowed for understanding its pathogenesis and developing effective means to diagnose, manage and prevent
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