Research Paper On Catholic Faith

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Criterion A: Rationale and Preliminary Research

The biggest living figure in the Catholic Faith is the Pope, who leads us everyday by spreading and giving God’s word. The Pope brings us closer to God in many different spiritual ways. The topic I have chosen to pursue is, how someone can become the Pope. One of the main reasons I have chosen this topic is because I am a very dedicated catholic and have been practicing my religion since I could ever remember. Our current Pope right now is a inspiration to me and it really makes me interested in what it takes to become Pope because when I listen to him speak I can see how confident he is and how much courage he has, and that is what strong leaders are made of. My main motivation
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For my plan of study I will evaluate all of the steps and process one must go through to become a Pope. I plan to mostly look through various parts of the world where priests journey to become Pope that can give me a better understanding of what it is like to become Pope and what challenges one most go through to gain this position. The Pope is one of, if not the most important person in the world and has such a great deal of people that have the ought most respect for him, so when electing a Pope it must be a very important selection to do when making a final decision. I plan to look at what the mindset of The Pope is as well because it must take such discipline to be the Pope and go through all the daily challenges that is a part of it. To be the Pope you must go through a lot challenges and it is mostly luck to become Pope because there is a various amount of priests that are trying to become the Pope. It is a long journey that takes a lot of dedication to become Pope, and some need to face the simple fact of how it may not turn out how they want. More detail will be giving as I explain the long process of becoming the Pope. So, my main goal is to find out how someone becomes Pope of the Catholic…show more content…
There are about 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide that make up almost sixteen percent of the total world Population. (BBC News) That is a tremendous amount of people. The Pope rules over all of those people in the organization known as “ The Catholic Church.” Becoming Pope is no simple task by any means. Even when it seems that someone is very close to becoming the next Pope, the percentage of them actually becoming Pope is very slim. In fact, just the odds of becoming Pope of someone is a cardinal is less then one percent, and you must become a cardinal to be elected Pope. The odds are not in anybody’ favor as they are 1,000 to 1(Kristi Barlette, Times Union, 12 Feb, 2013). Although. There are few steps to becoming Pope; each step is a long, difficult practice. First, a person must be a male and he must eventually become Catholic. The next step is to get an education, for religious studies and other academic subjects as well. Then, the person must become a priest. He must do a good job in his parish and connect with the community. After the person has spent some time and earned a great deal of respect from other people, he will be addressed as “Monsignor”. He will then be put in for a promotion where he will prove if he is worthy to continue to the next step of the process, becoming a Bishop. The Bishop will continue to do exceptional work,
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