Research Paper On Cattle Call Parade

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Who loves rodeos, parades, games, cowboys, and food. Well, if you do, you should have been at this year’s Cattle Call Parade. If you were there you must have had a great experience, but where did it all beginning? In 1957, Brawley’s Chamber of Commerce decided to host a celebration in Brawley saluting the cattle industry. The first Brawley rodeo was held on Brawley High School football field in 1957 and the name ¨cattle call¨ was Mrs. Rex Hudson. Now that you know some history and facts about Cattle Call, here is what D.G. Sneakers had to say about the parade and rodeo.
We asked students what they thought about why Cattle Call is important. Some DG student´s that went to the Cattle Call parade are Isaac Perez and Alexis Cabrales. Isaac
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