Research Paper On Chamomile Tea

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Aim: Green tea is healthy beverage and is a part of day to day life. Similarly, chamomile tea is known for its asprin like properties. Beneficial effects of these tea include such as protection against dental caries, periodontal disease and tooth loss and found that can a decrease in streptococcus mutans count as well as increase in pH. Hence the present study was done to compare the pH of saliva and plaque, before and after the intake of green tea and to evaluate the role of green tea and chamomile tea on growth of s.mutans in culture using saliva. Material and Methods: Salivary samples were collected from 30 healthy individuals aged 20-30 years with certain criteria. The pH of saliva was determined before, immediately after and
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Also, there is significant difference before and immediately after the intake of green tea and chamomile tea in plaque pH, salivary pH, and s.mutans count.

In the last few years, an increased attention has been focused on the natural plant extracts, especially those containing phenolic compounds with antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Tea is one of the important dietary sources of these compounds. In recent years, there is a growing interest in green tea due to scientific findings, which shows the health potentials of the beverage. Green tea polyphenols act as anticariogenic12 and antibacterial13 agents. Catechins14 present in green tea represent marked effect on PH value of saliva and dental plaque concern its reduction after eating towards acidic state and preserve it within normal range. Moreover, green tea extracts usage showed enhancement in Gingival Bleeding Index15 (GBI) due to it is high content of catechins, so, oral application of catechins posses positive influence on the gingival and periodontal structures concerning gingivitis and
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