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A Murderer's Lifestyle The name Charles Manson still brings terror to many people in this day of age. Manson was now and then known as an evil criminal who was held accountable for the murders of innocent people in the late 1960’s. The early childhood and persona of Manson led him to brainwashing a group of people known as the “ Manson Family”, who committed his murders. Manson is seen as a notorious killer without actually killing anyone himself. Charles Milles Maddox was born to a young sixteen year old named Kathleen Maddox who gave birth to him on November 12, 1934, in Cincinnati, Ohio. At birth he wasn’t given an actual name and was known as “no name Maddox”. Awhile after his birth Kathleen married a man named William Manson, who worked for a dry cleaning business. The child was then named Charles Milles Maddox . Though there is no evidence that Charles had his biological father involved in his life, there's records that show that Kathleen filed a paternity suit against a man named Colonel Walker Henderson Scott, when she was charged for a robbery in 1939. With his mother in jail, Manson moved in with his aunt Glenna, uncle Bill and cousin Jo Ann in McMechen, West Virginia. Since the very beginning Manson caused Glenna and Bill trouble. Charlies cousin Jo Ann who was a few years older than him, described him as being a liar and always wanting attention. In some cases he would blame others for the things he would do, and would also act wrong to get attention when others

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