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“Lights, Camera, Action!” A common phrase we all know today. Three simple words said by so many of the greats! The famous words uttered by the greatest silent film star, Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin has blessed the lives of many throughout his eighty or so years of life. Chaplin isn’t a war hero neither does he risk his life for others. Chaplin is a hero in his own way. He spent his life entertaining others, making them laugh, cry, or even getting them riled up. Chaplin was able to overcome childhood struggles and impact society with his films while becoming the Hollywood icon we all know today. Beloved childhood cartoons like “Tom & Jerry” and “Laurel & Hardy” actually found their inspiration from a certain baggy-trousered man, Charlie Chaplin.…show more content…
No, he wasn’t abused, but her did have to deal with an alcholic father for a quarter of his life. His mother wasn’t any better, although she was a successful stage performer and quite the singer, she was deemed mentally insane by her peers. She was later placed in an insane asylum leaving Charlie and Sydney, his half brother, to fend for themselves. Their father has left them many years prior, so they were completely alone. They spent the next several years in and out of workhouses. They slept either on the streets or in sed workhouses. Later on, to make more money, they joined a group of clog dancers. They toured all over! Germany, Scotland, and finally America, Charlie loved it there. Charlie and Sydney left and settled in America. Over time Chaplin made a name for himself in the film topia we all know today, Hollywood. After a few years in the industry, and many films produced, Chaplin met his first wife. Charlie and Mildred Harris were married for two years then divorced. Next was Lita Grey, three years later they divorced. Paulette Goddard was his third wife, they were divorced six years later. His fourth and final wife, Oono O’neil, were happily married for thirty four years. Chaplin died December 25th, 1977. Despite their huge age gap, Charlie was fifty three and Oono was eighteen, they claimed they were madly in
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