Research Paper On Coercive Diplomacy

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During the Cold War, states avoided the use of force because of the nuclear war threat. Instead of using force, when states wanted to create a change in another states’ behavior, they use coercive diplomacy. Coercive diplomacy means that, using limited force or threats to impose a request, to stop or undo an action of adversary and convince to adversary that there will be a punishment if they do not accept request or stop their actions.
Coercive diplomacy is more easier and advantageous from using direct force. Coercive diplomacy can use physiologically, economically and politically. Use of coercive diplomacy and military force different from each other. Use of military force aims to gain victory against another state or
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Studies of George and Schelling helped to improve coercive diplomacy. Jakobsen tried to integrate George’s and Schelling’s ideas and he identifies four minimum conditions for success of coercive diplomacy. It’s called Jakobsen’s ideal policy framework and these conditions are;
1- A threat of force to defeat the opponent or deny him his objectives quickly with little cost.
2- A deadline for compliance.
3- An assurance to the adversary against future demands.
4- An offer of inducements for compliance.
Jentleson and Whytock created a framework and they mentioned about three components: coercer strategy, contextual variables and the target’s political economy. Jentleson and Whytock stress that regime change threats mostly bring failure because it gives the opponent no incentive to comply. Jentleson and Whytock gave attention to the adversary’s political economy.
Defining success of coercive diplomacy easy in theory but when we analyze the cases, we can see that success can come late. For example, in Kosovo case NATO intervention came 78 days after Serbs attacks and after NATO bombing Serbs came to negotiation table. Threat of force or use of limited force is necessary for create a compromise. If limited use of force turns to brute force it means that coercive diplomacy
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