Research Paper On Coffee

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Coffee has become a popular drink for years, not only because for its taste but also it can refresh people who are tired. People appreciate coffee is because it has been labeled as a higher-class life, as the price mostly is not cheap among different coffee shops like Starbucks or McCafé, so some people may want to show off themselves by enjoying a cup of coffee. These kinds of reason leading to a huge phenomenon of coffee consumed around the world, so it is important to know whether coffee is healthy or not. This paper argues coffee is healthy to human body, there are three reasons supporting this view, including coffee can minimize the chance of getting depression Firstly, (Sheps 2017) claimed that caffeine can lead a significant boost…show more content…
(Higdon&Frei 2006) indicated that coffee is a complicated blend of chemicals that contain lots of chlorogenic acid and caffeine. As chlorogenic acid is corrosive, it may hurt our stomach if people do not eat anything before drinking coffee, so people should prevent drinking coffee in empty stomach especially in morning. In contrast, most people probably able to drink coffee with no stomach ache. Moreover, there is added benefit of coffee, which is people seem to be live longer than those who do not consume coffee. According to the statistic analyst by ( Freedman&Park&Christian& Abnet&Albert Hollenbeck& Sinha 2012) indicate that men had maximum 12% on reducing the risk of death who drunk 4-5 cups per day, women had maximum 16% on reducing the risk of death who also drunk 4-5 cups. It is because coffee has many compounds that are antioxidants, that means to prevent human organs doing oxidation, as oxidation may damage our body by damaging people's molecules as it contains lots of free radicals. However, we should also be alert on the drawback of consuming a large amount of coffee in a day, as we may addict on
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