Research Paper On Coffin Of Horankh

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Coffin of Horankh is an example of a classical art and it was created around 700 B.C.E. In order to make this container different materials were used wood, gesso, paint, obsidian, calcite and bronze. The coffin is of three dimensions with 1m 94.95 cm in length, 45.72 cm in breadth and 41.91cm in height. As of now the Coffin of Horankh is located in 302 Egyptian Gallery of DMA. The coffin is well built with rich colors. It has a head like structure with long body. The head is drawn with the face, eyes and ears and hair too. It has a long chin. Moreover, the head resembles to that of a human. The coffin is in the form of a human. The Egyptian during this time used the coffin to house the dead person’s body, as it was believed that only after
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