Research Paper On College Athletes

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In my life, the one thing that has always been most interesting to me is sports. I have grown up around sports my entire life and have always stayed active in following it. Over the past few years, there has been a question that has lingered over the sports world and caused a significant amount of controversy. The question would be whether or not college athletes should get paid to play. I have always had an opinion on this very large topic, but as time goes on, new variables keep arising and changing the factors within this skeptical topic. As I began to actually research the topic, many new aspects were brought up. Things such as university funds, businesses, and fairness were continuously brought up. Luckily all these were easy to look…show more content…
These contracts would include broadcasting and team apparel. For example, the “University of Michigan appears to have the most lucrative deal with its eight-year-long Adidas sponsorship, totaling $66.5 million.” However, the University of Michigan isn’t the only school with a high paying deal, the University of North Carolina has a high-end deal of $33.7 million dollars over a ten year contract with Nike. If it seems as if money within college sports is a popularity contest, it’s because it is. The more a university is able to put its name and its student athletes names out on the market, the more money that college is able to make. The only way these colleges can get popular is by having athletes be successful on the field. The more the team wins, the more deals they are able to make, which equals more money for the university. The way that colleges try and win each year is by recruiting the best athletes that will help their team win. Though with these star athletes playing, they are not seeing a dime of the money earned through these deals. I then needed to look up the other side of the profit which, would be deals with broadcasting companies and the media. As our society today grows more reliant on the media through television, internet, and radio, more money is invested in these forms of broadcast. Many of the top college football teams are able to get airtime through the media, and this makes the colleges able to make money off their team playing. More media
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