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A saint is someone who is a great example of Christ and is officially said to be in heaven. St. Therese of Lisieux fits this definition by showing people how to live for God. At Confirmation, the confirmandi chooses a certain saint who they hope to follow throughout their lives. One of the most important sacraments is Confirmation. At Confirmation, Catholics become official adults of the church. When Catholics receive this sacrament, they fully unwrap the gifts of the Holy Spirit that they received at Baptism. Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation. The sacrament unleashes the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the individual’s life. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that is unwrapped is counsel. The gift of counsel provides individuals…show more content…
Therese also exemplified the power of the Holy Spirit by being an example to others by living by her little way. St. Therese is known for her little way because she performed little acts of love for Jesus. For example, one time at the convent, there was a nun who splashed hot water in St. Therese’s face. Instead of splashing water back, she acted with love and did not respond. During that moment, Jesus acted through St. Therese, and he helped her to not escalate the situation. Jesus can act through anyone, if that individual asks for it. There was also a time when a nun was making noise in the chapel. The noise bothered St. Therese, but with the help of Jesus, she found inner peace and chose love rather than anger. As a result, she decided to make that a prayer to Jesus. When she heard the noise, she made it into a song and dedicated it to Jesus. It was very difficult for St. Therese to offer this song to Jesus, but she did it anyway because she knew how important it was to offer her actions to him. Another example is when she helped an older nun that was being disrespectful towards her. She wanted to help the older nun when she was walking up and down the hallways. The nun was doing this because she didn’t want any help. She was being stubborn and not accepting the help of St. Therese. At this particular time, St. Therese was helping the nun out of the goodness of her heart, and the nun was not respecting her by saying rude comments and not letting her help. Again, St. Therese said nothing, but instead, she decided to keep helping her and not let her comments get to her (Society of the Little Flower 2016). She said, “My way is all confidence and love (Catholic Online 2016).” St. Therese said that her little way was done with love, and that it is possible for all to complete. She never got upset with others and she always acted through love instead of anger. She wanted to act through love to show Jesus that she could do anything for him even if it would be a
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