Research Paper On Cornerstone 2-Day 2

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Do Now – Cornerstone 2 - Day Two
Directions: Answer the questions below. Then, decide if each scenario is continuous or discrete.
1. Darrin is emptying out his bathtub. There are 28 gallons of water in the tub and it is decreasing at a rate of 1 gallon per minute.
• Write an equation to represent the relationship between the amount of water in the tub, y, and the number of minutes the tub has been draining, x.
2. Tylia makes balloon animals at a kids’ birthday party to earn extra money. The equation, p(b) = 3f, represents the relationship between all the money she makes, p(b), and the number of balloon animals she makes, b.
• How much does Tylia charge for each balloon animal?
• What is the y-intercept? What does it represent?
• If Tylia made 21 dollars, how many balloon animals did she make? Represent your response with function notation.
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Justin is learning how to go rock climbing by taking a class. The equation H = 4L + 30 represents the total height in feet in feet he can climb, D, based on the number of classes he has gone to, L.
• How high can Justin climb after he takes 9 lessons?
• How high could Justin climb before he started taking classes?
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Exit Card – Cornerstone 2 - Day Two
1. Compare the functions f(x) = 1x + 5 and g(x) = 5x + 1. Are these functions the same? Does the order of the numbers matter? Justify your response by completing the tables below. f(x) = 1x + 5 x f(x) g(x) = 5x +

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