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Dirty talk or naughty talk is a sex play consisting of sexual phrase with the aid of driving your partner or yourself arouse through words and imagination, and gaining sexual pleasure before or during sex. You can stimulate your partner senses through dirty talk, touch, sound and sight. Most lovers use dirty talk to express their desire in the heated moments.
There are two types of dirty talk, namely
1. Soft-core
2. Hard-core

The Soft-core: this may consist not so dirty phrases and words. The soft-core dirty talk is a good way to start dirty talk. It is best to begin or stick with the words or phrases familiar to you, then you will gradually add new sexy words here and during sex. A dirty talk must not be vulgar always, it needs to be
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They seek to have sex often but it does not cross their minds often. The solution is dirty talk.

Be Descriptive
For most people, it is the descriptive details of dirty talk that makes it so much of an experience.
Note that there is nothing wrong with phrases or words like “Yeah, I like that” ,”You look so hot right now”, and “I love having sex with you”.
These words can change the experience if you are a bit descriptive.
“Yes, I like that” now changes to “Oh my gosh, don’t stop doing that. I love little/big hands all over my chest/balls/ass etc... You are the sexiest person on the planet.”
“You look hot right now” changes to “You are better than any fantasy i could ever come up with. I fucking love you and your perfect/delicious/sexy big/little (part of body).”
“I love it when I sex with you” turns to “I love it when you grab the sheets when you are about to cum. I love how your breath pauses when i put my mouth on your (insert preferred partner’s name for genitals). There is nowhere else I’d rather be than inside/on top of you right
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A lot of people do dirty talk with the two important or primary senses: Touch and sight. (that is, “You feel so good/You look so hot”). There is nothing bad staying in your comfort zone. Some examples of dirty talk that makes use of multi-sensory are;
I love the sound you make
I love how you smell/taste. I could get drunk off of your juices/scent
Y sound so sexy when I’m going down on you
I want to fuck you until i feel that sweet little pussy clenching around my dick
I want to cum so hard that i feel your dick pulsing inside of me.

Begin your Dirty Talk with a text, if you are Terrified.
When you are brought up in a sexually repressed home, culture, or with a religious upbringing, you might begin your adventure into verbalized dirty talk feeling a bit resistance. A good way to get more comfortable with your lover is to send some naughty text across to see their response.
Try out any of the text below.
- Baby, I’m really horny. What do you want me to put on for our date tonight?
- Mmm... I’m still feeling deliciously sore from last night. You certainly know how to show a guy/lady a good
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