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Will a dog park be a postive addition to Muscatine, or will it be a negative addition? This is the question currently being asked. Both sides of the party make a very good argument. From it being a postive way for dogs to let out their energy and socialize, to it being a negative disruption for tax payers and surrounding residents of the dog park. My personal opinion is the dog park should be contructed, and here are some supporting reasons why.

As stated in the first passage, dogs need to be socialized with other dogs to be a good dog at home and outside of its home. If a dog is not properly socialized it can easily lead to a aggressive or reserved dog. At home i have a dog of my own which whom I adopted from a shelter. When I first attained him he was very shy and skittish, especially around other dogs. However after taking him to our local dog park and into different stores that allow your dog to accompany you, his behavior started to change. He slowly started to become less shy and now wants to play with every dog he sees. If dogs have a place to socialize, this will then lead to less of them in the shelter which will also lead to less money taken from taxes we
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This person stated the dog park will be a noise disturbance for the surrounding residential area. In paragraph four of the " Dog Park Benefits All " passage, it states a dog park would mean less people letting their dogs loose in empty lots and parks. I belive that people letting their dogs run loose in un-prohibited places makes much more of a disturbance. You dont want to go to park to relax and be disturbed by dogs running around and barking. Nor do you want to come home to find someone has let their dog run around in your apartments parking lot. If a dog park was built, most people would take their dogs there. This would let you have the chance to avoid them and the noises they
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