Research Paper On Drag Racing

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When I was a little girl, I always wanted to drive a race car, just like many members of my family did. Having gone to the drag races and watching my dad race his candy-apple red Camaro, racing has constantly been a hobby that piqued my interest. After looking into what it would take to be a race car driver, I discovered that the top three things it take to be a master racer are your time, your car itself (and your familiarity with it), and the conditions of the track. Despite popular belief, driving a drag race car is more than just flooring a gas pedal and hoping to beat the guy in the other lane; instead, racing is a hobby that calls for great physical and mental capabilities. Many people who have not watched drag racing would not know what someone is referring to when they are talking about a racer’s reaction time. A racer’s reaction time is dependent on a few different things. First, it is important to know that a racer watches a light, sometimes called a “Christmas Tree” that has a side for each driver. Each side of the tree has the following lights from top to bottom: two sets of two yellow bulbs (called the pre-stage and stage bulbs), three amber bulbs that cue the race is about to start, a green light (which signals when the driver is to go), and a red light (which would signal if the driver has had a foul start, by…show more content…
Someone who knows nothing about race cars would have to get very lucky to beat a veteran driver. Just because a person can floor a gas pedal does not mean that they will be able to win their race. Drag racing requires much more than one fast car, for a drag racer must be physically and mentally capable. From my research, I have found that drag racing is a fascinating and extremely involved hobby. One day, if you see a purple sparkly race car flying down the race track, you might just have this report to thank for my newfound
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