Research Paper On Dropout

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I.Introduction A .Attention getter:Dropout from university is a student who neglect to finish college or university life. B. General Statement:Dropout is a issue that must give a important in this era globalization. C. Thesis statement:The cause of high University dropout are low expectation of academic,broken relationship and no individual attention or guidance. II.Body A.Topic sentence:One of the cause high university dropout is low expectation of academic because most of student use to be very freedom before enter the university or college life but one enter the will be busy with tight schedule. 1. Supporting point 1:Once student enter college or university life,the feel there is no freedom anymore so they will find freedom by giving less important…show more content…
Sub-supporting point 2:It will cause student to lose interest in studies and discourage so they will try to quit or turn their concentration on other than studies or will produce a low grades. 2. Supporting point 2:Once student enter university or college they will start to find new friends so they will influence by friends because people use to influence by people’s attitude and habit especially friend. a. Sub-supporting point 1:Most of student will start to find new friend in university or college so if they make friend with the student who don’t use to give important to studies and love to enjoy their life.They will put low expectation in studies. b. Sub-supporting point 2:Those days people use to tell show me your friend so I will tell you your real character and habit so it can be concluded that friend is playing a important role in everyone life so if any student start to influence with bad habit student so they will start to concentrate on enjoy their life rather than giving important to studies.Thus,student will produce low score and will try to skip their classes. B.Topic sentence: Futhermore,broken relationship is one of the cause of dropout from university or college
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