Research Paper On Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a learning disorder that is difficult for some kids, teens, or adults to read. They have some problems identified speech sound or learning how they relate to letters or words. Some people have problems with knowing what they say. Sometimes they will get mixed up with their numbers and letters. Children might see b as d, m as w, and just writing the letters backwards. As a child I had the same problems. Still to this day I am having problems writing and reading. Most people keep it a secret about them having dyslexia. Some children get bullied because of their learning disability the National Institute of Health says that it is 15% in United States have learning disabilities. It may seem like a lot but it is. Three times as many boys as girls have dyslexia. If some people knows someone with this type of condition it may be there all their life. It is best for them to have the emotional support from their love ones.
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By having dyslexia it is hard to tell someone you are having a difficult time reading, writing or seeing things. Some children say that the teacher do not listen or care. But there are some teachers that is willing to help and take their time with them. Bullying can play a big part in a child's life if they have a learning disability. That is why they are scared to tell. The thing to do is to be yourself and let no one tell you different . Because you made be the main be the main be the main one be the main one who may be the wealthy and educated one in your class 10 years from now. Do not care what the bully say. If someone has dyslexia really bad they should see a doctor. They would give you some type of medication to calm you down. because some may have ADHD along with dyslexia. That can make them distracted at anytime. So people with dyslexia just need a little time and encouragement to get things done when it is
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