Research Paper On Elderly Abuse

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Elder abuse is absolutely horrible. I love working with the elderly. Elderly patients are actually my favorite. They have such wisdom, full of amazing stories, and have been through so much in their lives. Overall the older generations tend to be more pleasant and are so thankful for their care.
I feel all abuse to the elderly is just sickening. To think there are people who physically or sexually abuse sweet little old ladies is beyond comprehension. The two types I have dealt with most while working in the ICU is neglect and abandonment. I have witnessed the elderly being brought in emaciated, covered in urine and feces, with multiple pressure ulcers. That is when we report to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). I have also witnessed a 90-year-old lady that was transferred to us from a long-term facility who was trached and lived on a ventilator, was fed through a peg tube, was severely contracted, and had a large sacral pressure ulcer. Clearly this was a case of abandonment. The family was not an active part of her life and obviously didn’t care about this frail elderly woman. Whether they were still getting her money or they
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“Elder abuse can be difficult to detect. Victims often refuse to report abuse because of feelings of shame, guilt, and fear, or because they are socially isolated or mentally or physically disabled” (Meeks-Sjostrom, 2004, p. 250). I feel that as nurses we must advocate for the elderly. If we see signs of abuse we need to report it immediately. DCF and risk management need to be involved in these cases and make these caregivers accountable. If more of these abusers were convicted and served time for such abuse then maybe others would see the consequences to this horrible problem. I feel we also need to make the public aware of these types of abuse so that everyone, not just those in healthcare can advocate for the elderly in their
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